Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drugs Organizations Cover Promotion as Education: Is This Impacting You?

The first red banner is that the drug companies pay for "education" out of their marketing funds. The drug companies try to keep as much marketing as possible under the academic brand to prevent lawful constraints and increase advertising.

Labeling marketing as knowledge allows drug companies to get around lawful constraints set by the FDA. To be able to keep drug companies from expanding statements on the potency of their medication without proof, FDA needs that they can only promote the particular use that each drug is accepted for. For example, if a drug is accepted to cure a certain type of malware, drug companies can only promote that it is accepted to affectively cure that particular malware. This is where the "educational expense" comes into play.

Knowing that they can't straight promote other uses of their drug, drug companies invest immeasureable dollars teaching physicians on other uses of their medication. This is how they get around the law. They pay for and perform there own research and then invest an limitless sum of money throwing their drug to physicians.